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Sports cruisers with a modern design for those who want adventure and yachts of grandeur for relaxing trips with your loved ones.


Wedding Boat

Wedding Boat

The “Wedding Boat” is a romantic and suggestive option to celebrate a wedding. This is a service that offers the possibility of organizing a wedding ceremony on a vessel, which can be a yacht or other type of vessel suitable for the event.

Bed & Boat

Bed & Boat

A liveaboard service is a lodging option that offers guests the chance to spend the night on a beautiful yacht. This type of experience offers a unique and evocative approach to the tourist stay, allowing guests to experience life on board and enjoy a different perspective of their environment.


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Luxury Experiences: The Charm of Overnight Stays on a Yacht

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We still can’t believe how absolutely perfect our special day was made thanks to your incredible service on the Wedding Boat! From the moment we stepped on board, we were greeted with an atmosphere of warmth and professionalism that made our wedding ceremony unforgettable.

Being able to exchange our vows while the boat sailed gently was simply magical. The panoramic view of the sunset over the waters, the light breeze and the reflection of the sun on the water created a dream setting for our most important moment. There wasn’t a single moment in which we didn’t feel surrounded by an aura of romance and love.

The team on board exceeded all expectations.

We can’t help but smile every time we think back to our wedding on your wonderful boat. It was a unique and unforgettable experience. Your attention to detail was amazing, from the elegant decoration to the attentive and friendly crew. Sailing through serene waters as we celebrated our love added a touch of magic to our special day. Thank you for your dedication to making our wedding an amazing adventure.

We cannot but express our gratitude for the extraordinary experience you gave us during our overnight stay on your yacht. It was a stay beyond all expectations, an experience that will remain etched in our memories forever.

From the moment we boarded, we felt welcomed with an elegance and warm hospitality that immediately won us over. Our cabin was a luxurious retreat, with a panoramic view of the horizon and a feeling of comfort that made it hard to believe we were on a boat.

The evening spent on board was magical. The light sound of the waves caressing the hull, the starry sky above us and the sea breeze created an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Your crew was attentive to our every need, making our stay even more enjoyable. The gourmet dinner served on the terrace was an extraordinary culinary experience, and the professionalism of your staff contributed to creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere.

The overnight stay on your yacht was not just a moment of relaxation, but a total immersion in the luxury and beauty of the sea. Thank you so much for making our stay so memorable.